Oui! Non!

I love a good graphic tee, but have issues with most of them. I'm conflicted - anything that makes strange weirdos stare at my chest, naturally makes me super uncomfortable. So I'm very selective about the graphic tees I wear as to avoid said awkwardness. This cute and simple one came across my path while … Continue reading Oui! Non!

Hello Sunshine

I fell quite behind in some posts, and realized I hadn't shared these pictures from my birthday in August, yikes! I had a very chill day, and didn't want a big party. We had a picnic in the park with some friends and lots of ice cream, it was perfect. What better way to celebrate your … Continue reading Hello Sunshine

A new palette

A few months back while on a thrifting expedition, I came across an interesting selection of items in colors I haven't been really considering - actual earthy tones. Once I had the things together in the fitting room, I could see they worked cohesively in an interesting palette. The outfit is bright and cheerful, even … Continue reading A new palette