Suit for a woman

Are you guys familiar with the term Le Smoking? It goes beyond just a suit women wear, but carries a lot of meaning in breaking the rules of fashion. I've always been fascinated by the idea and how to incorporate it into my wardrobe. So when I separately thrifted this tuxedo pant and then this … Continue reading Suit for a woman

Forget about winter – let’s rewind to the summer

It's cold everywhere, and I just got my hands on these photos from the summer, so I'm defying reason and posting these pictures instead to remind me of warmer times :) As a child, I once saw an episode of Reading Rainbow that was about oceans and more importantly, otters. I spent most of my … Continue reading Forget about winter – let’s rewind to the summer

Summer basics

I have been working on a huge project at work that has required me to come in all summer dressed very simply (ready to work and move tons of stuff around!). So I have been finding simple pleasures in the basics I typically don't share on this blog. I have years worth of basics shared … Continue reading Summer basics

Longest week Ever!

Don't know if any of you can feel my pain, I know things could be much worse, and am thankful how things are but geez did I have a super busy week with finishing up assignments, finding a Halloween costume, making my way to San Francisco, insurance claims, work, errands, etc! As I write this … Continue reading Longest week Ever!