Remix: grey and green day

Another remix post. I've often thought about this outfit and how I would never wear it in that incarnation ever again. Too many tight things at the same time. Not to mention that the jeans have gone to denim heaven. I have been looking for a way to wear this skirt, which is very different … Continue reading Remix: grey and green day

Out and about in the city

Since I've been on summer vacation, I've gotten a chance to explore so many  more nooks and crannies of San Francisco by car, by bus, by foot (in flats and heels!). I spent this day strolling around Union Square, Chinatown, and back downtown in my new dress. I wanted to be summery and casual, but … Continue reading Out and about in the city

Stripes and dots

I have a problem. When ever I wear something dotty (or something black and white), I immediately run to put this sweater on . And now, what perfect thing to wear it with! A dotty dress my mom made for me recently after I showed her a dotty dress at Jcrew. Sweater: Forever 21, borrowed from … Continue reading Stripes and dots

Prairie Woman

I spent the greater part of the summer pretending I was a sailor, this last half of the summer I've been so mixed up about how I dress and partially sick of everything in my closet. I'm on a fairly strict self imposed shopping ban so my only outlet right now is remixing the heck … Continue reading Prairie Woman