Midnight in a Perfect World

I feel cryptic repeating what I've recently read in another book, that there cannot be darkness without light. There needs to be this dichotomy to create¬†balance. I've also had THIS song on repeat (I think I've referenced it here before!) So the balance of this sunny day and the black outfit works for me. This … Continue reading Midnight in a Perfect World

A quick hello

Will you hate me if I tell you this quick post has photos from a museum again?! It's seriously addicting you guys!! It's become my new favorite place to go and think...(besides the gym.) I have been taking my notebook and just sitting in a nook of the museum to write, not even observing the … Continue reading A quick hello

Summer minimal

I've been attracted to wearing solids more and more (even though my heart explodes with wanting to wear patterns and lots of colors!) It just feels me *right* now. I'll bring the patterns back eventually. So I've also actually been wearing this simple, old skirt quite a bit more now. I've had it for a … Continue reading Summer minimal