The old brand new

My wardrobe is a funny mix. I have a lot of things I call old brand new - old, but new to me. I'll also keep a few treasures hidden until they come around again, enough so that they're almost new again! I hate the term shopping your closet, but that's just what happens sometimes, … Continue reading The old brand new

A fun red dress

Happy Friday all! I'm off to some secret adventures, but I'd like to share with you guys pictures from last weekend where I got to hang out with some fabulous lady friends, that also happen to be bloggers - and when we get together, it sometimes inevitably turns into a photoshoot! So I could have … Continue reading A fun red dress

Patterns, colors, and textures in your wardrobe

So ever since I had a breakthrough about shopping responsibly, I have instead tried to shift focus on the things I do have and forcing myself to begin thinking outside of the box and wear my clothes in ways I don't typically wear. For example, I've showcased how I've ended up wearing this outfit four … Continue reading Patterns, colors, and textures in your wardrobe