Our weather has been doing all sorts of fun things lately. We went from 90 degree weather to windy rain in a span of two days - September is typically the beginning of the Bay Area summer, I had my fall things put away. But now, I'm pulling the sweaters out again. So a simple … Continue reading Polka

Out of Print

I'll keep this post short and sweet - mostly because I noticed there was a huge smudge of I-don't-know-what on my camera lens AFTER I took these pictures. This was the best of the bunch, and it still looks pretty bad. Sorry. I'm bummed about it because I'm in total LOVE with this sweater! I … Continue reading Out of Print

Porcelain toile

So I've written about this dress here, but a very long time ago. I had it imprinted into my memory, after seeing someone else wear it online back in the early years of fashion/style blogging (I hunted down the image from 2007 here, on the Cherry Blossom Girl's blog). Once I had seen it, I … Continue reading Porcelain toile