So a lot of my outings lately have been to museums. Sorry (not sorry.) I'm now the proud member of three different museums in San Francisco and cannot urge you enough to do something similar near you! In the long run it becomes affordable if you visit often (like I do) and you typically always … Continue reading MoMa

Inclement weather sweater

If the darkness of these photos doesn't give it away, I can tell you that the clouds were looming and I, being of fashionable preparedness had worn this trench coat ready for the rain. Rain? It hasn't really rained in the Bay Area for years. YEARS! You better believe that this trench coat that hasn't … Continue reading Inclement weather sweater

Following the fountain of youth

I normally don't apologize for not posting - but I had a series of attacks on my blogs that had me working around the clock to get rid of some bad stuff that was put into the framework of this site. It was really complicated and frustrating because it wasn't anything visually damaged or broken … Continue reading Following the fountain of youth

Watercolor dress

Do you ever have that one item in your closet you tell your "hmmm, I should wear that" but never do? That's exactly what I do with this dress my mom made for me. I tell myself these sentiments over and over, and before I know it, it's been YEARS since I wear the damn … Continue reading Watercolor dress