Little Blue Dress

So I've had this thing lately where I've REALLY enjoyed wearing navy blue and black together! And this particular outfit here has been my go-to outfit! I've worn this exact outfit so many times in the last few months, it's not even funny. The scalloped bits of this dress have me in love with it, … Continue reading Little Blue Dress

A vintage skirt

Being a collector of clothing (I'm going to start referring to myself as that from now on, heh) I tend to stow things away in one closet, then find them ages later having totally forgotten about them. And the urge to clean and organize comes in HUGE spurts for me. I'll just go ahead and … Continue reading A vintage skirt

Shades of green

Sooo...I owned (yes, past tense) only one black belt. Because why would you need more than one? And disappeared. I can't find it. I don't know if I lost it while traveling. Maybe I threw it away on accident. Something so simple as a belt can change an outfit. I'm not in a rush … Continue reading Shades of green

Romper time

When in Rome! I haven't worn this romper in a hot minute (no pun intended). So I figured, if I can't wear it in San Francisco, I'd have to wear it when I visited Palm Springs (posts are delayed because of Halloween posts, I promise this is the last time you see shorts here this … Continue reading Romper time