A trendy pattern

Hello there, I've been MIA taking some time off to go to my sisters wedding! It was so lovely, I'll have to share some pictures soon. So back to regular programming over here :) Something I love about the wardrobe I've built for myself, is the array of patterns that it consists of. Life is … Continue reading A trendy pattern

What are you reading?

I had already made my confession that I'm around books all day every day. Here are some things I was currently reading and checking out. (and really, just some because there are about three times as more that I didn't have a chance to take pictures of). This book on artist Charley Harper was my … Continue reading What are you reading?

Wrappping up

I never thought of myself living in San Francisco, but then again I never thought of myself living in Las Vegas either. This is pretty much the last outfit photo I took in Las Vegas before I left - my boyfriend was doing a special Vegas street style editorial of young girls (that you can … Continue reading Wrappping up