Ay Caramba

I had become a bit obsessed with the weirdest thing a few months ago. I got it into my head that I NEEDED to find a vintage Simpsons sweatshirt. Don't ask me why, I can't even remember why. And the problem was that it was hard to find. Mostly because I'm neurotic about buying things … Continue reading Ay Caramba

Blue and orange

Never thought I'd be typing out this color combination together, let alone wearing this seemingly impossible combo together either. And HEY, just like my blog logo ^^^ But when I imagined this outfit in my head the night before wearing it, I knew it would work! (do you guys ever do that?!) My goals was … Continue reading Blue and orange

outside the box

When my sister (thank you Diana!) gave me this skirt a few weeks ago, I tried to visualize an a-typical outfit for myself. The basic me would add a black top & black boots and just go! I wanted to play around with a new color palette and imagined this royal blue combining well with … Continue reading outside the box