Bay Area Outfit

I don’t know what’s going on with me – I think I may have been living in the Bay Area too long. Or maybe I’m getting older. Or maybe I’m feeling the trends too much right now. Maybe it’s just a combination of it all! Some days, I feel like I’m still recovering from being a former Las Vegas gal and the wardrobe that comes with it…I’m not quite sure that means! Some days I’m still figuring out the balance of being comfortable, age appropriate but also fun & youthful, not too trendy, work vs. play! I think that’s why I don’t have one specific style and my look is constantly evolving.

Lately, I’ve also been attracted to adding loose linen pieces to my wardrobe. Why? I’m enjoying how the earthy and organic colors come out. Plus, I’m barely (duh to me) figuring out how comfy they are! They also tend to be made in USA. Win, win, and win! So this loose and billowy top in this mellow yellow color really spoke to me at the thrift store! Part of me is worried that I’m turning into some stereotypes…but honestly, I’ve never cared 🙂

Item From Made in… BUY
vintage linen top thrifted USA
Elizabeth & James mesh skirt thrifted China HERE
Swedish Hasbeens Suzanne Sweden HERE
Salt Optics prescription glasses Japan HERE

Thrift Eye, San Francisco style

Thrift Eye, San Francisco style

Thrift Eye, San Francisco style

Into the forest

My weekends spent in Golden Gate Park are my favorite weekends. Sometimes I hang out at one end near the Conservatory of Flowers, other times I make it all the way over to the windmill by the beach! But in between, there are so many lovely and beautiful things to do – and for free! SF residents can get into the Botanical Gardens at no cost, and sometimes I just go to read, other times I take a blanket and mini picnic and just rest. This park within the park helps escape the feeling that the city life is consuming you whole.

If you ever visit San Francisco, please do me a favor and visit something, anything in Golden Gate Park. Even better, most Sundays, a long stretch of the road that runs through the park is closed off to vehicular traffic, and you can ride your bike or walk through without worry about competing with cars!

Item From Made in… BUY
James Perse top thrifted USA HERE
vintage Levi’s 517 thrifted USA HERE
vintage hat flea market
Swedish Hasbeen sandals thrifted Sweden HERE
vintage Bill Blass watch Japan HERE

Thrift Eye, golden gate park, vintage levis, vintage hat, style blogger

Thrift Eye, golden gate park, vintage levis, vintage hat, style blogger

Thrift Eye, golden gate park, vintage levis, vintage hat, style blogger

Thrift Eye, golden gate park, vintage levis, vintage hat, style blogger

Thrift Eye, golden gate park, vintage levis, vintage hat, style blogger

One more day at the beach

Living in California, the one thing you have to do before the summer disappears, is definitely go to the beach! For me, it’s a five mile bike ride through Golden Gate Park – so on a sunny day, it quickly becomes the most rewarding bike ride ever! With a towel, good book, and snacks in tow, I made it out to the ocean for possibly the last warm weekend.

My summer sandals have been these trusty Swedish Hasbeens. I’m the luckiest girl ever to have thrifted them. They look good next to my Orla Kiely for Uniqlo scarf that doubles as a picnic blanket on the sand.

Thrift Eye, Swedish Hasbeens, Swedish Hasbeens braided, Orla Kiely Uniqlo, Orla Kiely Uniqlo scarf, what to bring to the beach

Summers are made for little white dresses – and this frilly vintage one (it’s from Contempo Casuals, remember that brand?!) is the perfect cover-up since I wore my bathing suit underneath the whole bike ride.

Thrift Eye, beach day, beach dress, white dress, little white dress, vintage white dress, comtempo casuals, contempo casuals dress, striped towel

Oh yeah, remember when I proclaimed my love for mismatched bikinis? I still do. This Nanette Lepore polka dot bottom and Pez d’or halter top work so well together (both are from Jeremy’s in San Francisco, bikini central)

Thrift Eye, mismatched bikini, summer bikini, beach wear,

I still think those of you welcoming fall weather are just a teeny bit crazy, so I’ll be over here trying to eek out every bit of sun I can.

This summer I want to be…

You’ll have to excuse this picture shot with my phone, as I was in the middle of waiting for someone else. But it perfectly captures what I imagine and want my summer to represent – comfortable and casual. I want this summer to focus on not worrying or stressing about wearing the latest or coolest thing. I’m sure many of you have experienced this fashion fatigue too. So summer will be laid back! And I hope yours will be too 🙂

Top: borrowed from mom, not sure what brand because the tag was cut out but here’s a similar one by Splendid. Shorts: Levi’s cutoffs. Sandals: Swedish Hasbeens thrifted.