This old house again

This old house again

Many moons ago, I dreamed of a project in which I could wear my designs. I don't know why, but I had imagined (and I have a very vivid image in my head from that Eureka moment) where someone (me) would wear a t-shirt tucked into their pants, and their top half showed a design … Continue reading This old house again

Bay Area Outfit

I don't know what's going on with me - I think I may have been living in the Bay Area too long. Or maybe I'm getting older. Or maybe I'm feeling the trends too much right now. Maybe it's just a combination of it all! Some days, I feel like I'm still recovering from being … Continue reading Bay Area Outfit

Into the forest

My weekends spent in Golden Gate Park are my favorite weekends. Sometimes I hang out at one end near the Conservatory of Flowers, other times I make it all the way over to the windmill by the beach! But in between, there are so many lovely and beautiful things to do - and for free! … Continue reading Into the forest

One more day at the beach

Living in California, the one thing you have to do before the summer disappears, is definitely go to the beach! For me, it's a five mile bike ride through Golden Gate Park - so on a sunny day, it quickly becomes the most rewarding bike ride ever! With a towel, good book, and snacks in … Continue reading One more day at the beach