Summer Solstice Stripes

Nothing quite says Summer like putting on something short to enjoy a warm day at the park! Don't worry, I wore shorts underneath :) this striped tunic is one of my favorite summery things to wear on weekends, pairing it with these old boots was an unexpected look I quite liked! Tunic: Rag and Bone … Continue reading Summer Solstice Stripes

A Wrinkle In Time

Time has been moving at warp speed, and I look at the time and I've already spent three months (moving onto a fourth soon) in San Francisco. I feel like I mention this in almost every post (sorry!). This is a fairly picture heavy post. I can't recall where I read it, but someone somewhere … Continue reading A Wrinkle In Time


How do you feel about overalls? Do you still associate them with 3 year olds and OshKoshBgosh? I've had these overalls for quite some time, the funny part is that they are also carpenter pants (yes, bringing that back too). I was extremely close to chopping off the top part that made these overalls in … Continue reading Overall

Prairie Woman

I spent the greater part of the summer pretending I was a sailor, this last half of the summer I've been so mixed up about how I dress and partially sick of everything in my closet. I'm on a fairly strict self imposed shopping ban so my only outlet right now is remixing the heck … Continue reading Prairie Woman