Matching dresses

I never really understood people that went crazy over buying the same item in different colors - I've always wanted to incorporate as much variety into my wardrobe - in brands, eras, styles, and colors. That is until I found the sister dress to one of my favorite dresses ever! This Richard Chai for Target … Continue reading Matching dresses

A fun birthday outfit

How to say this in the most humble way was my birthday the other day - at first I thought it would turn out to be a casual jeans and tshirt night, but was surprised with plans that required me to dress up. It was a pleasant surprise :) and it was also nice … Continue reading A fun birthday outfit

Finding the courage to wear a jumpsuit

Many moons ago when I still lived in Las Vegas, I found the courage to wear a jumpsuit (last and only seen here in 2009). Somewhere along the way (called gaining lots of weight) I lost that courage. Last week while rummaging through some of my old belongings I stored at my parent's home, I … Continue reading Finding the courage to wear a jumpsuit

Pink & green

Before I even got the chance to wear this blouse, I have seen tons of women wearing this exact same top in almost identical colors! I ordered it from the Splendid website recently after they sent me a giftcard for hosting their giveaway some time back. I knew I needed more colorful tops in my … Continue reading Pink & green