Mellow Yellow

Here I go again with the yellow bits here and there. I just love how much this color pops. It's vibrant, unexpected, and just makes the day brighter. You can't argue with that. Also, these boots. I don't think I would have bought myself boots like this a few months ago. But for some reason … Continue reading Mellow Yellow


As I expressed yesterday, I have found myself in a wardrobe limbo. In which I find myself torn between dressing for work and dressing for fun. I have to find a happy medium. Some days I change after work, or sometimes I wear something really fun to work. I can get away with most things. … Continue reading Farewell


Every time I wore this Alternative Apparel V neck it always felt kind of off. The V is very low, but also very wide. As opposed to the American Apparel version which really isn't so deep, but enough to stand out on it's own. Either way, I always wore it. I tried to come up … Continue reading Backwards