under layers

The other pictures of this outfit, left me with a sour taste. The only one that seemed to come out was this one I took from my Point of View, and I kind of like it. It conveys exactly what I really liked about my outfit - the clashing but complementing colors, the different textures, … Continue reading under layers

Where has all the green gone?

Once upon a time, green and I were best friends. I cannot even begin to explain where my obsession ran with green, it only lasted a few years. I guess I burned my candle at both ends, and now I only have a little bit of green. But I ran across this flowy top at … Continue reading Where has all the green gone?

Pink in my life

I consider myself to be pretty girly, just not in the sense of wearing pink girly. Perhaps I was traumatized from all the horribly dressed girls in college who were obessed with pink. I blame it on the Legally Blonde movie. Along with red, pink is just not a color that appears a lot in … Continue reading Pink in my life

Happy Friday: looking forward to the weekend

It's funny how you wait the whole week patiently, but anxiously for the weekend. And then when it comes, you don't know what to do!? We had one of those, so I suggested to go to our local, out of the way exotic petting zoo called Bonnie Springs. They charge by the carload. They too … Continue reading Happy Friday: looking forward to the weekend