Hey casual day

It's always so hard to share casual day photos here. But they're my "uniform" half of the week when I'm not dressed like a box of Fruit Loops. I do extremes well - I can be colorful and dressed up, or casual and neutral. I'm sure we all do this in some way, shape, or … Continue reading Hey casual day

Holiday makeup ideas: green eyeshadow

And for the last difficult to easy, holiday makeup transformation, I take on the green eye shadow. Which after blue, is the hardest color to wear sometimes (blue eye shadow will forever be the most impossible color to wear!). Green eye shadow by itself is just not that fun. Using a L'ancome sample palette for … Continue reading Holiday makeup ideas: green eyeshadow

Vampy look – a dark makeup style

A long overdue makeup post! I've been itching to make one again - especially now that my hair has changed. I think any time your go through major hair changes, you should re-evaluate your makeup routine. The long hair made me feel like I could accentuate different things, but I also felt like I could … Continue reading Vampy look – a dark makeup style