Falling for jumpsuits

I confess, I have recently become addicted to jumpsuits... I'm not the kind of lady that likes maxi dresses, but I do like sleek and long looks. So I think the jumpsuit achieves that for me. Maybe I'm just late to this train ;) As someone who loves dresses in general, the jumpsuit gives me … Continue reading Falling for jumpsuits

Ay Caramba

I had become a bit obsessed with the weirdest thing a few months ago. I got it into my head that I NEEDED to find a vintage Simpsons sweatshirt. Don't ask me why, I can't even remember why. And the problem was that it was hard to find. Mostly because I'm neurotic about buying things … Continue reading Ay Caramba

Spring transition

There's something awesome but frustrating about dressing for this season - you're just stuck! Not really Winter or Spring. So you just go with the flow. I recently found this electric blue dress that's really adding a pop of color to my everyday wardrobe. So this weather called for this scarf shawl thing that's almost … Continue reading Spring transition


I have been on a serious roll at the thrift store! And finding some awesome gems to add to my wardrobe in terms of both quality and adding COLOR! This is an outfit of pieces I found on the same thrift store visit, in different departments, but just seemed to work well together! I would … Continue reading Aqua