Summer minimal

I've been attracted to wearing solids more and more (even though my heart explodes with wanting to wear patterns and lots of colors!) It just feels me *right* now. I'll bring the patterns back eventually. So I've also actually been wearing this simple, old skirt quite a bit more now. I've had it for a … Continue reading Summer minimal

A Wrinkle in Time (or, a wrinkle in my dress)

You ever feel really good about an outfit? We're not that different from each other - except once in a while I take pictures of my outfits (and hey, maybe you do too!) I felt great about this outfit all day long and then I take the pictures and see them...SO many wrinkles! I have … Continue reading A Wrinkle in Time (or, a wrinkle in my dress)

More turtleneck layering

So the realization that I should wear turtleneck tops under my dresses has been the best wardrobe changeĀ for me since moving to San Francisco - where we live in perma-fall. And in this off and on rainy month, being warm has been a must! When I lived in Las Vegas, I had an endless array … Continue reading More turtleneck layering

Light summer layers

Weird weather (and lack of water) up and down California has left all us dressing in all sorts of different forms. This has been the summer of weird weather. While we've gotten no rain in San Francisco - we have gotten just about everything else (other parts of California are randomly getting drenched then getting … Continue reading Light summer layers