A dark outfit

I hope you all had a wonderful Thanksgiving (and Hanukkah, if those are things you celebrate of course). I've gone and chopped my hair off as you can see - and you know what? I'm kinda tired of how limiting the short hair is already! I think I'm gonna start taking my hair vitamins again … Continue reading A dark outfit

The denim diaries: or goodbye summer

I think this summer was record breaking in the days you got to be bare-legged in San Francisco (since I have been here), and it was glorious. I love fall, but not a continuous fall - I'd infinitely choose summer weather over any other season, especially when you get to feel the warm sun on … Continue reading The denim diaries: or goodbye summer

Pink & green

Before I even got the chance to wear this blouse, I have seen tons of women wearing this exact same top in almost identical colors! I ordered it from the Splendid website recently after they sent me a giftcard for hosting their giveaway some time back. I knew I needed more colorful tops in my … Continue reading Pink & green

Stripes and dots

I have a problem. When ever I wear something dotty (or something black and white), I immediately run to put this sweater onĀ . And now, what perfect thing to wear it with! A dotty dress my mom made for me recently after I showed her a dotty dress at Jcrew. Sweater: Forever 21, borrowed from … Continue reading Stripes and dots