A touch of red

This red blazer is one of my favorite things to wear BUT, it's also one of the damn hardest to fit into any outfit. I have had so many moments where I've wanted to wear it, but decide not to last minute because it doesn't seem like the right thing to wear (we all do … Continue reading A touch of red

with that 1920’s flair

Blame it on all that buzz about the new Great Gatsby movie, or the fact that my haircut had finally reached that really annoying in between phase (doubled when you have an asymmetrical haircut!), I knew it was time to go for it and just get that haircut! What's amazing is that because I have had this blog … Continue reading with that 1920’s flair

Cherry bomb

When I got this bright red blazer at the thrift store a few months ago, I wanted to buy matching pants. But who knew that finding a pair of red pants to match a vintage blazer would be so difficult? The shades were never quite right. So when I found this skirt, I had an … Continue reading Cherry bomb

The wind behind me

Although I blog about fashion, clothes, and what not - I probably buy a lot less than most of you would think I do, and a lot less than other bloggers. Now, I have taken a challenge to not shop at all for clothing, and make the most of use of things I already have … Continue reading The wind behind me