Tokyo diaries: second half of trip

It's been two weeks since returning, and I'm finally returning some sort of normalcy around here. Jetlag has gone away, no more "we just got back" excuses for unpacking, all that's taken care of! But I'm still feeling really nostalgic, and looking back through these photos isn't helping. BUT I will say this, I've immediately … Continue reading Tokyo diaries: second half of trip

Weekend denim

I've been obsessed with doubling up my denim looks. I don't care if it's tacky, call me Texas Tuxedo/Canadian Tuxedo. Sometimes wearing double denim just works (unless you're on a red carpet). In this case it was for a morning of antiquing - where you're sometimes getting elbow deep in junk, and may have to … Continue reading Weekend denim

White denim for Spring

So I used to have a pair of white pants a loooong time ago. They were a thin cotton pair of pants that were cut in a jeans style; they were great for the summer! But eventually they got really dingy and I had to throw them away. I finally found a fantastic replacement pair … Continue reading White denim for Spring

A life in print

I've been in full school mode, and trying to focus on my portfolio. These past few weeks have been some of the most frustrating and rewarding in my life. Working towards a goal feels really good, but approaching that light at the end of the tunnel sure is a scary thing. Some days I've been … Continue reading A life in print