Denim does it

Again, here I am attracted to super simple outfits with a tomboy twist. It's my go to style this summer (who am I kidding, for this whole year so far). I also like that this outfit is very "going back to school" too :) The bright color of these jeans also made me forget that … Continue reading Denim does it

Double Denim

Texas tuxedo. Canadian tuxedo. Call it what you want. It is the ultimate casual (other than maybe wearing sweatpants in public). You cannot appreciate this outfit without a sense of humor, it's silly, but even so, I like it. Will I wear it often? No. But once in a while won't kill anyone. I wore … Continue reading Double Denim

A weekend to remember

I'm going to guess that I had the busiest week just like 99 percent of you. Between running around town, meeting up with friends from out of town, friends from in town, dinners/cooking, organizing my eBay store, taking photos, flea markets, BBQ's, etc. I don't know how I would have managed any of this if … Continue reading A weekend to remember

A Wrinkle In Time

Time has been moving at warp speed, and I look at the time and I've already spent three months (moving onto a fourth soon) in San Francisco. I feel like I mention this in almost every post (sorry!). This is a fairly picture heavy post. I can't recall where I read it, but someone somewhere … Continue reading A Wrinkle In Time