Old and new

We couldn't wait until Spring over here to clean out our closets. The cleaning started early to ring in the new year. After two weeks of nonstop rain, we came to the sad realization that our overstuffed closets were perfect breeding grounds for dampness that could only be remedied by getting rid of stuff. I … Continue reading Old and new

Short & sweet

I haven't worn this dress/muumuu thing in a very long time and something about the summer sun made me pull it out of the deepest corner of my closet (the San Francisco fog has returned, so it's been put away again for a long time). I have recently been pulling out my record player and … Continue reading Short & sweet

Inspired by Behind the Candelabra

I'll preface this by saying I haven't fit into this dress in maybe 5 years and it's been hanging on the wall of my bedroom as 'decoration' for the last two - I've recently made a (hopefully) life choice to eliminate bread and eventually all gluten out of my diet. So when we were invited … Continue reading Inspired by Behind the Candelabra