Put the needle on the record

A few months ago when I finally had time to plug in my record player after one long year of no music, nothing came out. The record player would just not work. I had listened to one of those as seen on tv CD compilations from the 70's and I¬†really¬†wanted to listen to my Carole … Continue reading Put the needle on the record

Black, white, and red

Went out the other night to celebrate a photography show for a friend Bryan Hainer and my boyfriend. They did some really great photos. Since I have not gone out in what seems like forever, it was such a good chance to catch up with so many great friends and we celebrated the event with … Continue reading Black, white, and red


As I expressed yesterday, I have found myself in a wardrobe limbo. In which I find myself torn between dressing for work and dressing for fun. I have to find a happy medium. Some days I change after work, or sometimes I wear something really fun to work. I can get away with most things. … Continue reading Farewell