Just returned from a whirlwind trip to Tokyo, where I fell in love with the beautiful city. I can’t even form the correct words to describe it at the moment. Before I begin sharing some of the photos from this trip, I wanted to share one last set of photos before I left.

A few months back, I saw Jeanne of Shop Sweet Things post this simple Instagram¬†picture about how she wants to join in the jumpsuit trend, but because of her shorter height, never can – and instead decided to fake it by tucking in a blouse into pants. I have the same issue, but because I’m a bit taller than most. Jumpsuits look weird on me. The body length is sometimes too short, or the waist always falls lower than my natural waist (making me look super wide across). So this tucking in a blouse trick was the perfectly easy solution! A suit for leisure indeed – we went straight to the beach dunes to enjoy the sun and break out my new kite! There was wind for exactly 10 minutes while my picture was taken, and then it mysteriously died, hah. Back to lounging then.

Item From Made in… BUY
Alexander Wang T Nordstrom.com China HERE
Joie silky pants thrifted China HERE
vintage hat Flea Market USA
vintage Ray Ban wayfarer thrifted USA HERE
Loeffler Randall flats Shopbop.com Brazil HERE

Thrift Eye, diy jumpsuit, all black outfit, style blogger

Thrift Eye, diy jumpsuit, all black outfit, style blogger

Thrift Eye, diy jumpsuit, all black outfit, style blogger

Again, can’t wait to share my Tokyo pictures! Stay tuned :)

Winter is coming…

…but it isn’t here yet! Instead, we’re flip-flopping through some sunny weather, rain, fog, and bitter cold that would make anyone want to just wear pajamas and stay home. So just a quick hello between chilly weather, to share this sunny Fall day outfit.

Item From Made in… BUY
Clu dress thrifted USA
Orla Kiely Uniqlo Scarf Uniqlo no tags, probably China HERE
Rayban wayfarer vintage USA HERE
Matt Bernson flats Shopbop.com China HERE

Thrift Eye, fashion blogger, fall dress outfit, orla kiely scarf

Embracing a new color (red)

So remember when not that long ago I declared my fear of the color red in my wardrobe? And then remember when I wore this red sweater the other day? Look at me NOW, wearing red pants! Back around November my mom called me to say she’d found me some cute pants at the thrift store “something with a J,” not knowing they’re my new favorite denim brand. She’s my thrifting inspiration that taught me everything I know – basically she found me some J Brand pants, proving again, that she’s awesome. I was kinda not so sure about the red color – but realizing that my wardrobe is bountiful in neutral colors now, it really can welcome a color like red seamlessly, even though I was hesitant to wear it before!

When I went home for Thanksgiving, I was excited to try on my pants, only to find that they were cut too bootleg for my taste. Because I’m 5’8, I tend to stick to straight cuts, because anything with a flare looks like high-water bell-bottom pants on me. But mama saves the day again – because she is a self taught seamstress (remember this cool post about all the things she made me I’ve worn on this blog?!) she reassured me she would be able to take in the pants. And voila! They look exactly how I like them!

Top: J Crew, thrifted. Belt: vintage. Pants: J Brand, thrifted. Shoes: Loeffler Randall, here’s a link to a similar pair without an ankle strap. Glasses: vintage Rayban, thrifted.

Thrift Eye, J Crew cheetah, j brand red pants, loeffler randall erika, rayban wayfarer

Thrift Eye, J Crew cheetah, j brand red pants, loeffler randall erika, rayban wayfarer, short curly hairstyle

Thrift Eye, J Crew cheetah, j brand red pants, loeffler randall erika, rayban wayfarer

I know I said navy was gonna be my color for 2014…but red can be second place right? :)


This outfit came together organically the other day – and then I realized that it was because I wore something just like 6th months ago! The proof is in the blog :)

I wore this outfit to my first real day at my (second) new job. I’m slowly trying to move away from my current type of employment (in public education) towards public libraries again since finishing my degree. Working in libraries can be somewhat difficult to dress for – they’re usually fairly casual workplaces, but when you’re the librarian (as opposed to a clerk), you want to dress to impress. An old coworker of mine used to wear sweats (SWEATS!) to the library every day, and gosh I refuse to ever turn into that person!

Even though I thrift part of my wardrobe, I never really worry about it being good enough for work – most of the pieces were donated in a practically new condition in the first place! So when I thrifted this skirt the other day, I couldn’t fathom why someone would have wanted to get rid of it ! But lucky for me, it will work well in my professional and fun work attire.

I’m still a little bummed that the pictures came out so bright and harsh, I have to take pictures between my crazy schedule now. Next time I’ll look for better light! (and less wind!)

Thrift Eye

Top: made for me by my mom, but this one by Splendid is kind of similar. Skirt: Diane von Furstenberg thrifted. Flats: Me Too from Nordstrom Rack.

Hoping to find more time for blogging soon :)