Thrift Eye DIY: the boxy blouse

Wow, it has been about half a year since I last embarked on challenging myself to sew more and begin wearing clothes I made myself! As last seen here with my DIY raglan tee. I had gone to visit my parents a few months back and raided my mom's fabric closet to look for a … Continue reading Thrift Eye DIY: the boxy blouse

New York State of mind

So excited that this is my first shiny super awesome and cool post under! On top of that, my Fall 2011 semester is over and I feel like I can have fun again! Expect lots of posts, videos, and other things coming soon! Since I'm behind in posts, I want to share with you … Continue reading New York State of mind

Random Snaps

I've been having a chaotically busy week (I'm blaming school for the most part [WHY did I sign up for three classes instead of 2?]), so my pictures this week, at best, were quite random. My good ole vintage Saint John dress. I can't believe I got to wear this during the "summer." Trying out … Continue reading Random Snaps

Two things

1. An outfit I'm elated that the weather has finally cooled off - we are enjoying a cloudy, breezy bit of desert weather that is beyond beautiful. Only comes twice a year at the beginning of fall right after summer, and once again right after winter in the spring. My plan is to wear as … Continue reading Two things