Heart of the Sunrise

Don't let these photos fool you, it is still disgustingly hot here - I'm just extremely lucky to spend all day indoors. Except for this (literal) hot minute outside to take the photos. It's the smoking patio at work, but I love coming out here, high above the city, all by myself. I've worn this … Continue reading Heart of the Sunrise

Dusty Roads

I've typically hated the desert, ever since I moved to Las Vegas. But upon some contemplation the other day...I realized that there really is a certain beauty that can be taken from it. Especially during sunrise or sunset, or particularly clear days. Some times the sky looks like it is on fire. Other days, clouds … Continue reading Dusty Roads

Winter baby blues

Winter turns into spring, turns into summer, turns into fall, back to winter... it all kind of seems like one big circle. it is hard to distinguish when one stops and one starts. I feel like I've forgotten how to dress for appropriate weather and have found myself cold and underdressed too often. Then we … Continue reading Winter baby blues

The printed blouses

I've gone a bit mad for prints, colors, textures, etc... and their combinations. When I wake up in the morning, I take a big deep breath and stare into my closet and visualize what is in the dresser to put something together. Lately, I have not been photographing my outfits in an effort to remove … Continue reading The printed blouses