Bay Area Outfit

I don't know what's going on with me - I think I may have been living in the Bay Area too long. Or maybe I'm getting older. Or maybe I'm feeling the trends too much right now. Maybe it's just a combination of it all! Some days, I feel like I'm still recovering from being … Continue reading Bay Area Outfit


Spring is officially here - hooray! The funny thing is that we've been having these foggy/misty mornings that make my hair turn into a frizzy tornado. Totally defeating the purpose of running a brush through it at all. It's time like this that I really miss my long hair, where I could lasso it down … Continue reading Howdy

In the tall grass

1. Hello California drought 2. A quick Saturday trip up north is my battery charger - stepping away from the hustle & bustle of the city is nice, makes me appreciate it all that more when I come back! I wish I could take longer trips up there, but alas! The laundry calls (along with … Continue reading In the tall grass

My love sweater

Every time I wear this pretty sweater, people around me smile (or tell me it's perfect for Valentine's day). It's quite funny. So when I wanted to wear this skirt, I couldn't figure out what sort of blouse to wear with it in the morning as I'm trying to go to work - and I … Continue reading My love sweater