Sister of the Bride

I've gotten oddly emotional over my little [to me] sister getting married this August - helping her pick out little details and seeing her try on bride dresses may be one of the weirdest feelings I have ever felt. Maybe because I still think of her as the little girl with a ponytail and playing … Continue reading Sister of the Bride

Wedding style: sister style

One wedding down, another to go in a few days. The wedding I thought I'd have to be bundle up for turned out to be so warm (okay, pretty hot) enough that I was able to wear a strapless dress! Considering that it rained not that long ago, I will take any warmth we can … Continue reading Wedding style: sister style

What to wear to weddings

Wedding season is here in full effect, and shortly I will be going to two weddings one week apart (and possibly another in August). I'm feeling a bit confused about what to wear to these weddings because one is in the Bay Area where it will most likely be gloomy and/or chilly and the other … Continue reading What to wear to weddings