I wish I could get away with wearing this dress absolutely everywhere I go. I feel like this dress screams ME! It may just be the Leo inside me that is attracted to this wild cat cheetah print. So I've been waiting for the right moment to wear it with these shoes. The hologram straps … Continue reading Meow

After 5

It's absolutely incredible what you can do with your life when school is over and you're only working 1 job instead of 2! I forgot what real life was like. I dragged myself happily downtown the other day to the Banana Republic After 5 event. I didn't get any shots inside the store cause I … Continue reading After 5

On my last trip to California I was able to snag a really cool pair of boots at Fornarina left over from their sample sale. So I was really happy to get these boots at a price that reflected that long lost employee discount. The boots are ridiculously comfortable, so much that I wore them … Continue reading