The perfect skirt

Since I lost a little bit of weight, I was able to get by wearing a lot of the same clothes with no problem - the only things that I'm not really able to pull off anymore are the skirts I had before. When they used to sit on my waist, they now fall down to my … Continue reading The perfect skirt

A new printed pant

Per my previous outfit post, finding pants that fit and aren't black, is my latest obsession. Furthermore, they have to be able to successfully transition between work and non-work outfits. So when I found these fun Jcrew pants at Crossroads a while back, I couldn't believe someone would get rid of brand new pants with … Continue reading A new printed pant

Get off of my cloud

Something about this new short hairdo and my now shorter bangs (hello world, I can see you again!) PLUS the fact that I broke my old sun glasses at the river last weekend, forcing me to rediscover my old Raybans, gives me the urge to dress with a bit more of an old school feel! … Continue reading Get off of my cloud