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10 Best Apps to Sell Clothes

Are you looking to make some quick cash? Believe it or not, your closet happens to be an easy answer to your money needs. While we may all be affected by the current pandemic in one way or another, we find that we all have some extra time on our hands as we stay home and practice safe social distancing. To help everyone benefit from the additional days home, we’ve rounded up some of the best apps to sell your older, gently worn clothing items.


Having launched in Milan back in 2011, Depop is one of the largest apps geared towards selling clothing. With over 13 million customers shopping on the app since it’s opened, the business has planned on tripling exposure over the US. This app is perfect for selling vintage clothing as a lot of its shoppers are on the hunt for unique pieces. 

Suggested way to list: This is an app that wants sellers to market themselves as their own brand. In the initial setup of the account, pick out a username and picture and theme that will correlate well with what you’ll be listing. The company also suggests that pictures of the items are shot styled and in lifestyle form, meaning in use. The business also says four pictures and one video will create the best exposure for customers to shop it confidently.   


Poshmark, Depop’s competitor, also launched in 2011 and works in a similar way. With over 5000 different brands listed for sale, 2 billion social media connections and over 25 million products listed, this is an app that has made quite a name for itself. Built for both luxury and everyday items to be shopped and sold, this app has more diversity in products listed than other apps.  

Suggested way to list: Since there’s a large number of users and shoppers on this app, the best way to showcase products is to be transparent. Show the buyer if there is a slight scratch on the shoes or a mark found on the leather jacket in pictures. Don’t disguise any items to appear different. Each buyer has the opportunity to review the seller, so honesty is important. There are also selling parties to take part of on the app which you can join to give listings more exposure.


This is a seller’s app that was created for sellers or buyers that are skeptical about the potential of scammers over the internet. VarageSale was made for also buying and selling locally. Sign up for an account, find your local community, get verified as a safe seller and then sell your clothing items to those in close proximity to you.

Suggested way to list: We find that this is an app that would be perfect if you not only want to sell second-hand clothing but also personal designs. Users have been seen listing their own jewelry lines or creations they’ve sewn themselves. Since the app creates a local presence, try uploading personal creations to promote your own online business.  


Built for selling brands ranging from Zara to Gucci, this is an app that ensures authentic pieces are really being sold on the platform. Tradesy is the platform that provides all resources for sellers. Sell straight from your closet and the platform will supply all packaging materials and pay for shipping. If a return needs to be made the company will step in to take care of it for the seller.  

Suggested way to list: When selling designer items on this app, it’s important to take snapshots of the details such as the logos or any hardware. When setting a price, choose the one the app suggests because it’s data driven and most likely entails similar products that have sold at that price. 


Don’t want to worry about cleaning out your closet? Have a resale app do it itself. Start by packing up any unwanted clothing and send it to ThredUP. The business will take care of taking pictures, listing it with compelling descriptions and then sending out the products to buyers. Sellers that send off their clothing will receive a commision off of the sale. The higher the price point of the product, the higher the commission.

Suggested way to list: While you won’t be the one personally listing the products, we suggest to send only the best gently used clothing you have on hand. Each piece needs to be free of damage, alterations or appearance of heavy wear. ThredUp goes through a 12-point process to ensure their customers are receiving the best. 


A platform for women, men and kids, there are thousands of brands being listed on this app every day. If you happen to be in the market for swapping an item instead of selling for a closet refresh, then this app allows this too. Better yet, there are no seller’s fees, so the money is 100% yours after the buyer finds the item to meet all standards. 

Suggested way to list: t’s simple and straightforward steps to upload products make the job hassle free. Since there’s the option to upload up to 20 pictures, make sure to capture the item with detail and demonstrate how to best style it so customers can imagine how it will best be used in their wardrobe. 


Grailed is an app specific to menswear, which is rarely found. This company takes menswear resale to a new level by providing a platform that allows sellers to list rare and designer pieces. To keep both consumers and sellers in the loop on the industry, they also supply users with an entire editorial page updated frequently.

Suggested way to list: While this is geared more towards menswear, this is a great platform to cross-merchandise items that might be considered unisex. This way, the item is given more exposure, creating the potential for a higher profit sale.

The RealReal 

Built for the luxury sales, the RealReal will have your old Gucci purse sold faster than other luxury platforms. Plus, this is a company that not only operates digitally but also with brick and mortar stores. During the pandemic, sellers have the opportunity to meet with specialists virtually to help sell clothing and accessories.

Suggested way to list: The best way to choose what products to sell is to research and see what brands and items seem to be trending the most. Items that are more demanded will be easier to sell and will provide the fastest way to make some extra cash. 


Bonanza is the spot to sell all of your not-so-typical items that don’t just have to be clothing. Selling women, men and kid clothing, you’ll have the opportunity to clear out the whole family’s close all in one space.

Suggested way to list: The platform allows sellers to import listings from Amazon, Etsy, Ebay and Shopify. By following this method, sellers will gain maximum exposure for their fashion items, which will help sell products faster. 


Specific to highly sought after streetwear, showcase your limited edition pieces on a platform to shoppers that will be able to identify its value right away. With 4.8 stars in the app store and professional moderation team ready to help and identify quality products, there has been secure trust built within the community of users.

Suggested way to list: We suggest listing products that have more rarity and are in the streetwear realm. Any mass-produced item listed may not sell as fast as a limited edition piece on this platform because the target market for this app is hunting down specific collection items.

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