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Cheeky Bikinis and One Piece Bathing Suits

Why You Should Be Wearing Them


Warmer weather is not only peaking through the clouds, but now it’s here to stay because the summer season is officially upon us. Since the sense of a new climate is pouring in, the season’s newest swim collection is popping up all over major websites. While we excitedly plan for how we’ll be spending it this year, either home or on vacation, we’ve been shopping for some of the more flattering fits, and cheeky bikini bottoms happen to be the most complimentary shape. Whether it’s designed into a high rise form or placed on a one piece silhouette, this is the type of swimsuit we crave every time.

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Cheeky bikinis can be best defined as a bottom piece that is cut into a V shape, exposing more of the butt than one with fuller coverage. It has also been in the designs of a one piece for those that don’t want to expose their midriff. While this is a design that shows more skin, it’s been proven to be the most flattering on nearly all body types because it visually lifts your figure and gives the butt a more toned look. Plus, it’s a great tanning tool for those that don’t want noticeable tan lines. 

The bikini never used to be liked by many. In fact this cut for a swimsuit has had a rocky history over the years. In 1946, the first two pieces were photographed for the french designer, Louis Réard, which has since raised eyebrows and turned heads, changing the course of swimsuits forever. 

Since then, bikinis have gotten smaller and smaller. Marilyn Monroe, for example dawned a provocative two-piece that actually covered the majority of her stomach. Fast forwarding to 2015, model Hannah Davis, premiered on the front page of Sports Illustrated in one of the tiniest bikinis to date, leaving nearly nothing to the imagination. Her figure was heavily photoshopped, which not only caused uproar in the body positive community, but it invited people into a conversation of what is the fine line between appearing sexy or too flashy for comfort. 

Despite the debates wrapped around swimwear in recent history, women do have the right to wear any type of swimsuit they feel comfortable in, no matter their appearance or the fit of the pieces. History, however, has made it known that it’s taken quite a few years to get the current state of mind to be this way.

For some, swimwear is a lifestyle. Influencers from all over are sporting swimsuits all the time, and some have even had the option to design their own. Take Anastasia Ashley for example. She’s an american professional surfer and model, so she’s constantly around a beach and in the water. When looking at her Instagram, she’s regularly sporting cheeky bathing suits. Since they offer such a flattering fit and are sold by an array of brands, why wouldn’t she sport one while on her surfboard?  

Similar to her, influencer Jenah Yamamoto lives in both Hawaii and Los Angeles where she’s also exposed to warm temperatures and the ocean landscape. By default, swimwear is a part of her daily uniform due to the client she lives in. You can also find her modeling cheeky bikini bottoms in one or two of her Instagram snaps, announcing some of her favorite brands to shop along the way. 

On the other hand, there’s designers who may live in an urban space but can’t live without the cheeky cut in her swimsuit collection. Danielle Bernstein, founder of WeWoreWhat loves it so much that it’s one of her bestselling styles for new line Shop WeWoreWhat. From having the cut featured in an array of colors and prints such as watercolor or animal, the cheeky style has been proven to confidently sell itself. Bernstein is a fashion blogger turned entrepreneur and has always had cheeky swimsuit pieces in her life, especially when she’s on one of her luxe vacation’s halfway around the world. From tanning to dancing to living the life, she’s given everyone the reason to own pieces like this in their life.     

Looking into how we can snatch up a few new favorites for our own collection, we stumbled on the following five that deserve all of our money. Whether it’s more of an investment piece you’re hunting for or a few fun trends in this best fitting shape, each of these brands have their unique perspective to offer.   


FISCH Swim is a brand that was founded in 2017, and is entirely committed to designing in an eco-friendly manner. By having the desire to create quality swimwear with amazing fit and reduce the world’s waste, they have been able to keep trash out of the ocean by up-cycling. The brand has been able to do this by using ECONYLⓇ, a 100% recycled nylon fiber taken from abandoned fishing nets and other forms of nylon waste. Their colorful designs and innovative thinking makes this a brand to watch.  

Instagram: @fisch.swim


Based in Australia, MINKPINK was created for the gal that loves to dress fashion forward. Rachel Evans, the founder of the brand, said that the mission is getting dressed for the day should be fun in whatever activity someone is doing.Their trendy looks mixed with affordable prices have made the brand stand out for years. Sold in abundance in different retail stores such as Nordstrom and Urban Outfitters, each swimsuit has the ability to match well with several different personal styles. 

Ack Swimwear

This is a brand that was created with the message of body inclusivity in mind. They stand firmly in saying that everybody has a bikini body. With the inclusion of fun colors and different textures added into the collection, shoppers have the ability to shop confidently and for any desire they may have when it comes to owning a swimsuit. With tie-dye and bright florals featured in their newest collection, there’s quite a few pieces we have in our shopping carts.

Instagram: @ack_work


Having grown up in a beachy town with surfers and designers in the family, Oleema and Kalani Miller were destined to launch a swimwear brand like MIKOH. Given their background in swimwear, their line is packed with high quality and a cool range of unique silhouettes created to suit any body types. From cheeky one piece bottoms to full coverage bottoms, this is a site that offers the best for the avid beach goer. We have our eyes on a few of the designs with colorful sparkly metallics.

Instagram: @mikoh


Founded in 2009, Onia is a New York City based brand that is able to elegantly blend classic pieces with the season’s latest trends. They’re a clear fan of the cheeky bikini bottom as it’s one of their more prominent fits featured on the website. This season, they’ve designed looks with pinstripes and color blocking, which has been seen all over the runways. The brand even sells chic cover ups that will pair well with any chosen suit. By picking some amazing bright colors to go with their looks, they’ve made this season’s summer collection one shoppers will be wearing time and time again.

Instagram: @onia

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