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Palazzo Pants Outfit

For the fashion gal that’s looking to mix up their wardrobe from the typical skinny jean or straight leg work pant, try out palazzo pants. This is a style that may be dressed up or down and can be much more comfortable, without missing an opportunity for a fashionable look. 

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So, what are palazzo pants? This is an elegant wide leg style that flares out as the pant nears the bottom of the hem. Think of them as a unique blend between a skirt and a pant. Made with breathable fabric such as silk or crepe jersey, the pants are more commonly styled in the warmer months. They’ve been seen styled for work for the ultimate feminine power suit or as a chic lounge outfit around the house. 

The name of these pants may sound a little funny to those who don’t know where they originate. The word “palazzo” has italian roots that indicate a palatial building. These particular buildings are huge structures that have narrow tops and then flare out to a wider base the same way as the pants.  

Surprisingly, this style of pants has not been around for long at all. First trending in the 60s and 70s, the pants were meant to give an ode to cuffed trousers worn by celebrities like Katharine Hepburn, Coco Chanel and Greta Garbo in the 30s and 40s. They were meant to be designed with more of a feminine touch for women who didn’t always desire to wear a dress. In the 60s and 70s, however, select upscale restaurants refused any woman who wanted to dine in that style. They considered them to be inappropriate to wear during a nice mea, since many of the restaurant owners didn’t understand the concept of the modern style. As a way to overcome the discrimination, women set out to place a ban on any restaurant that refused to let them dine with friends and family. 

Today we see the trending fashion gracing runways and stores almost every season. This spring/summer in particular fashion brands such as Carolina Herrera  and Badgley Mischka have released the styles for sale, incorporating lace and pleats in order to add a modern twist. Since the pant is cinched in at the waist and flows out the bottom, it’s meant to flatter any body type. This is achieved because the narrow part is designed at the waist, which is naturally the smallest part of a woman’s body. 

Fashion influencers on social media have also opted for the silhouette when dressing for events or house activities. With so many diverse personal styles, the following influencers have been able to incorporate palazzo pants in their daily lives. In their posts, they create inspiration for the look and we’ll show you how to copy it for yourself. 

Kristen Bousquet

Kristen Bousquet is known for her retro style and it shows all over her Instagram profile. Whether she’s sporting bright florals or vintage-inspired pieces, she’s always serving looks that are still very much of the moment. We loved how she styles her palazzo pants on the regular basis. Her pink look in particular is what really caught our attention.

Dawning the pastel all the way up to the tips of her hair, Kristen turned this uber-professional look into a feminine, fun outfit that may be worn to the office and then happy hour afterwards.   

Copy her look: 

What works so well about Kristen’s look is the fact that she could style a monochromatic look in a way that wasn’t too overpowering. The key to this is being able to mix up different textures. To achieve pink like her, start with these full length palazzo pants from Asos. Tops to wear with the pants should then focus on a different texture. For instance, try pairing them with a pastel pink fuzzy sweater. To break the look up even further, add a bold belt. Then finish it off with a unique pair of shoes like a velvet heel. The color pink modernizes the outfit in its entirety and gives it the refresh it deserves. Finish it off with a pair of sunnies or a blazer like Kristen, and you’ll be ready to walk out the door.

Melissa Victoria 

Surrounded by the beach and warm weather most of the time, Melissa has taken a beachy approach to how she styles her palazzo pants. Used as a cover-up method for her swimsuit near the water, Melissa is photographed wearing the sheer white linen style over a blue striped one-piece as she heads to the sand. Melissa is an influencer not only for fashion, but also for creating inspiration related to health and wellness. In awe of her simple, yet fashion forward look, we find it to be one we can’t wait to wear as we pack up and head to the beach.

Copy her look: 

Following the same linen pant procedure, we found a similar style at Abercrombie and Fitch on sale for only $35! If we were to style the look with a swimsuit, we’d choose a bright color to stand out on the sand such as a bold red or a bright yellow. Taking the look onto the boardwalk, pair the pants with a colored linen tank to replace the swimsuit and add a light-weight cardigan around your shoulders as the sun starts to set for the day. This look proves to be more fashionable as it strays away from the normal cut-off shorts or t-shirt dress.   

Michele Rein 

Keep it cute and casual while traveling around with Michele Rein. Michele’s relaxed, yet fashionable vibe is the perfect mix for an effortless outfit styled for around the house. She steps up her pants by opting for a floral pattern and matching it with a knit top. Mix up the traditional lazy day style of a hoodie and leggings for one like this, which happens to be just as comfortable. 

Copy her look: 

This is a look perfect if you happen to be stuck working at home and are in need of a look appropriate for video call meetings. Sometimes it also helps to get ready in the morning to also feel more productive. Start with floral palazzo pants such as the ones found on Neiman Marcus. These can be styled with a knit sweater like the one Michele is shown wearing in her picture. When it’s time to go back into an office space, pair the pants with a classic white button-down and neutral blazer for a professional finish. With how comfortable the wide leg in the pant is, it won’t feel like the typical work outfit. 

Anum Bashir 

A consultant, designer and blogger, Anhum is certainly the girl boss we’re all rooting for. Like her super successful career, her professionalism is illustrated in her office looks such as her menswear-inspired outfit. She mixes neutral tones and loose-fitting suit silhouettes for her business look. She then tops it off with pops of colors such as her red lipstick offset by her green sunnies. Anhum is able to influence in a proper suit that commands attention with her tactical pops of color.

Instagram: @desertmannequin

Copy her look: 

Loving her menswear-inspired outfit, we decided to put our own spin on the look by styling a deep green palazzo pant with added suspenders. The pair found on Modcloth  is a pop of color deep enough for professional corporate settings. It would look amazing styled with a printed blouse underneath and a pair of pumps. In a sea of pencil skirts or traditional pantsuits, this is a look that will have you standing out from the crowd without compromising professionalism.  

If off duty from the office, style the outfit with a parisian feel by adding a black and white striped top. Then finish it off with a bright red lipstick and a beret. This palazzo pant in particular has a trendy element that’s meant to be styled in a fun and unique way. 

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