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While warm weather is beginning to peek through the April showers, swimsuit season is following closely behind it. Since we can’t wait to hit the beaches with friends and family, we’ve been scouring the online shops in hopes to stock up for the season. After analyzing fit, colors and patterns, it’s been noticed that scrunch bottom bikinis are designed in one of the most flattering ways, and happen to fit an array of body types. Seeing that this style has also appeared back in style every year, we’ve finally narrowed down why

The scrunch bottom bikini is designed to give the butt the apparent look of a lift. The style instantly makes the body look more toned because of the scrunching detail. The pure logic behind this is when fabric is gathered to cinch on different parts of the body, there is the crafted illusion where that location will appear smaller than other areas. Since its fit and look proves to be an evident success, we’ve rounded up all the top styles to wear during the season. 

1. High Wasted

A high-waisted bikini bottom already flatters the body by sucking in the entire bottom half. By adding a scrunch detail on the sides, the look instantly elongates someone in their style, allowing them to look taller and leaner. The high-waisted style is also perfect for those that don’t necessarily want to show as much skin as a cheeky or thong cut.


Looking at Aerie, this high-waisted scrunched butt bikini does the trick with coverage and style. The colors offered also give off a unique look that can be styled with a light-weight wrap, great for when walking back up to the boardwalk.

2. Knotted Thong

The mix of a thong cut with a scrunch detail ultimately creates one of the most flattering styles for the bottom half. The look gives off the appearance of being more toned. We loved the addition of the knots on the matching top, which creates the appearance of being cinched in both areas of the body.

Scrunch Butt Knotted Thong Bikini

When we found this mint green swimsuit on Zaful, we couldn’t help but zone in on the color. Plus, with the site offering such affordable prices, shoppers may be able to purchase more than one hue.

3. Sporty Chic

For someone that swims as a sport or is looking for fuller coverage on the bottom, we suggest this ultra-flattering athletic style. Scrunch back bikini bottoms also look amazing when designed with the details located on the side of the swimsuit. When worn, it pulls the sides of the hips inwards. Instead of only creating the look of a more toned butt, the swimmer will also appear to have a smaller waist.

Cinch Full Bottom

The style found on Athleta will be perfect for the swimmer that takes the outdoor activity more seriously. Crafted for an athlete in mind, the material is great quality and offers stretch in all the right places without compromising style.   

4. Flirty Florals

Have fun with florals, but take it up a step further with cinching not only located on the back but also the front of the swimsuit. The appearance will have a swimmer looking toned on both sides of the body while also having fun with a more flirty print. The double-sided style is a unique design that hasn’t been found everywhere.

Freedom Floral Cheeky Bottom

A brand such as For Love and Lemons carries the perfect fit. It’s high quality material and colorful floral print will have beach-goers reaching for the swimsuit each summer season.

5. Playful Ruffles

Add a feminine touch without going overboard with subtle ruffles on the hemline. These two design elements work together for the better. While the scrunch bikini creates the look of a toned bottom, the ruffles on the sides accentuates it for those who may have a smaller figure.

Ruffle Cheeky Bikini Bottom

Target is able to cater to the trends without sacrificing the wallet in the process. By opting for the white color, it’s hue will create a more tan appearance even if it’s still a little early in the season. 

6. Exotic Leopard

Since animal print has been a top trend for the last few years, it isn’t allowed to not be included. A few fashion experts have even said the print could now be considered a closet staple. Rock the leopard print accompanied by the scrunch detail for more of a fierce look around the pool.


Found on Doll, this cheeky bottom will be the one of the best swimsuits to tan in because there are no other design elements that could create an awkward tan line. The print itself is a great investment since no one is projecting the classic to go out of style anytime soon.  

7. Summer Knits

Who said knits were only for the fall/winter seasons?  Subtle knit detail placed on a bikini gives off a bohemian style while the gathered fabric raises the appearance of a higher quality. This trend can also be worn long after everyone’s left the beach. The textured hem of both the top and bottoms may peer over a tank top or shorts that will add a pop to an otherwise simple outfit.

Kavari White and Blue Bikini Bottom

Lulus offers a great shade combination of white and a sky blue, perfect for all skin coloring. For those that want to try out the knit trend without it being overpowering should opt for a look like this one where it can only be found on the hemline.

8. All-Over Scrunch

Shake up the trend by having it all over the scrunch bikini bottoms instead of in one or two dedicated areas. The material appears thicker and will suck in all parts of the body for a seamless look. No matter the cut of the bottom, full coverage or cheeky, this particular fabric is flattering on all types.

LA Hearts by PacSun Kelsey Scrunch High Waisted Bikini Bottom

There have been several online stores that have only carried all-over scrunch bottoms in neutrals. However, a pink hue like the one found on Pacsun is a unique twist that also gives an ode to the summer season.

9. Pale Pastels

Take the scrunch detail and wear it billowed out all over the bottoms. This delicate way to wear the style is an elegant touch to a pastel color. By pairing the two elements together, it creates a feminine component to the modern look. The cut will work best as cheeky, otherwise the material could become too overwhelming and lose its shape. 

Jessie gathered high-leg bikini briefs

Matches has become the go-to website for trends executed in unique ways. We find this luxe pastel bottom to be a great option for a planned summer vacation.

10. Neon Hues

By blending one of this year’s hottest trends with a flattering design element, a neon swimsuit like this one will be a go-to all season long. Neon hues in any shade are complimentary on almost all skin colors, and are a fun mix up to the typical palette.

Beth Richards Scrunchie Bikini Bottoms

On Shopbop, we found a great mash-up of the two details in a lemon/lime coloring. The scrunch detail is located on the sides of the bottom, creating a subtle lift while allowing the color to shine through.  

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